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The management of a biogas plant contributes decisively in the medium to long-term economic success of it. That is because important parameters for the optimization of a system depend on this management. And the knowledge about this is continuously improved and developed.  How can then the individual economic operator be sure that the plant will be improved constantly in the following 20 years? This requires a strong partner; someone who operates and implements extensive research and development in this area, so that these can be applied in the daily life.

We were able to help our customers over the last few years by achieving plants with between 10 -15 percent higher yields. To achieve this, we use the help of a decentralized monitoring and control system. We have developed, customized and adapted a software together with a partner taking into account the needs of ARCHEA. The knowledge which has been achieved benefits our clients.

In addition, we ensure that a service team will be within <100 km , seven days a week and almost 24 hours a day available, so that we can guarantee a 90% operational capacity of the system over the full year.

We can use this service even in plants that were not built by ARCHEA. Outstanding achievements in recent years have confirmed us as a manufacturer-independent full-service provider. In recent years we have managed to attract more customers into this business who are very satisfied with our performance.

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