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Operating principle

Technically, one can distinguish between single-and two-stage systems, which run, in the first case, all four stages of anaerobic fermentation in a tank. Inevitably, this requires that the different environment requirements of the various micro-organisms to be reconciled. Therefore, the fermentation processes take a long time and thus require a larger stage equipment fermentation volume. Temperature and pH must be adjusted regarding the methane bacteria, since these are most sensitive, and their reproduction rate is the lowest.

An existing spatial separation between hydrolysis / acidification steps and acid formation and methane steps, can ensure more favorable living conditions for the microorganisms. We speak in this case of a two-step process.

For these two-step processes, Archea Biogastechnologie GmbH has designed two kind of plants. The ARCHEA Standard biogas plant is ideal for systems that use predominantly liquids with a low energy density and thus require a large volume. The ARCHEA Standard Plus biogas plant consists of a single rounded container (like the Standard type) and an upstream hydrolysis step in which the first two steps of anaerobic degradation occur and are separated by conventional methods. The biological processing is thereby accelerated, and the fermentation volume can be reduced compared to single-stage plants significantly.

This type of system is mainly used in systems that use a high proportion of energy crops and therefore show significantly higher biological process requirements.

This type of system is suitable for all conventional substrates but also for substrates with high dry matter content, such as large amounts of grass silage and landscape conservation material. Through the hydrolysis higher gas yields are obtained, so that up to 15% less substrate is required!


ARCHEA Standard Biogas Plant

ARCHEA Standard Plus Biogas Plant

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