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Biogas in figures

Power supply
In 2009, around 3.5 million households were supplied with 12 bn. kWh of electricity coming from biogas.

Heat supply
The heat supplied in 2009 was 11.5 billion kWh which corresponds to 300,000 households heated with no CO2 emissions

Biogas as a fuel
With the bio-methane yield from one hectare of maize it is possible to drive a car for 70.000 km.

Gas pipelines
By feeding biogas into the gas grid, energy from the countryside can be used directly in the city.
With the injection of biogas we make ourselves independent from imported natural gas

The replacement of mineral fertilizers by fertilizers from biogas plants can mean a reduction of up to 6 kg of CO2 for each fertilizer kg.

Industry Sales
The industry sales in 2009 reached 2.6 billion euros. Of these, 230 million were earned by the abroad subsidiary companies.

Made in Germany
German companies are world leaders

Second pillar for the agriculture
Energy generation provides the agriculture a predictable perspective for the long term.

In 2009, approximately 16,000 people were employed in the construction, maintenance and operation of plants.
Source: Biogas Association "Biogas kann's"

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