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1,4 MW Biogas Plant in Hessisch Oldendorf

ARCHEA Once Again Participates in the Southern Brazil Biogas and Biomethane Forum

Chapeco, Brazil, April 16-18, 2024
ARCHEA is once again attending the forum, showcasing its work of the past 12 years in Brazil. While in previous years, ARCHEA has presented its work through technical presentations, this year it's our clients' turn.

Cetric will introduce their 1,000 kW facility, operational since 2022, located on their landfill site in Chapeco. Visitors will have the opportunity for a site tour.

Copacol will present the operational results of their 1,500 kW facility, also launched in 2022, situated in Cafelandia. It is currently the largest and most advanced biogas plant in Brazil.


Copacol fermenter and BHKW Building


Cetric Team

Cetric bio methane Truck

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