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ARCHEA Principle on Cultivation of Renewable Resources

The ARCHEA Group plans, constructs, and operates biogas plants primarily using waste materials. When using renewable resources, we adhere to the principles outlined in the NABU program.
NABU Principles Document

1. No new permits until regional planning is in place, coupled with a 100% heat concept and long-term substrate security.

2. Limiting the proportion of a crop species in the biogas plant to a maximum of 50%.

3. Adherence to a minimum three-year crop rotation and abstaining from the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

4. Abstaining from intensification and conversion of grassland, while preserving existing fodder cultivation areas.

5. Substantial reduction in pesticide use through consistent application of Integrated Pest Management principles (e.g., priority to biological and mechanical measures, resistant varieties, energy crop mix).

6. Demonstration of ecological compensation areas within the site (e.g., edge structures, flowering strips, field copses, extensive grassland) in meaningful integration.

7. Harvesting of energy crops with consideration for species protection measures, particularly the protection of ground-nesting birds and small game; aiming for a harvesting time after July 1st for at least 50% of the total crop (mowing from the inside out, sectionally, marking of particularly protected areas, as well as other measures of good practice).

8. Abstaining from the cultivation of energy crops in ecologically sensitive areas (Natura 2000 sites, erosion-prone slopes, and peat land sites).

9. Ensuring high efficiency of the biogas plant (70%) through consistent utilization of waste heat (combined heat and power).

10. Demonstrating a 9-month storage capacity for digestate to prevent ecologically unsustainable application (e.g., during the winter half-year) and groundwater contamination.

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