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Types of Plants

Fermentation plants
Refers to facilities in the food technology.

Digestion plant
Designates municipal digesters to treat sewage sludge.

Anaerobic plants
Refers to facilities for the anaerobic treatment of wastewater.

Gas generation plant
It refers to the container where biogas will be produced

Digestion plant
Refers to facilities for the fermentation of organic waste or household waste.

Manure biogas plant
At least 80% must be manure and animal waste (manure, feces, urine, etc.).
Manure biogas plants in Germany with a capacity up to 75 kW have been specially promoted with 25cent/kWh

Energy crops biogas plant (Renewable Resources)
At least 80% must be renewable resources (maize, GPS, grass, corn, sunflower, etc.).

Agricultural biogas plant
Is a mixture of manure and energy crops adapted to the possibilities of the farm (crops, livestock, fertilizer and heat demand balance).
Combination of several companies is called the Agricultural community biogas plant.

Waste biogas plant
100% the in-feed must be waste from food production (vegetables, fruits, fats, food scraps, etc.) or waste from the production of fuels (glycerol, etc.).

Cofermentation Plant
The in-feed consists in waste and manure or sewage sludge, energy crops may also be added

Waste-to-Energy Plant
Consists in 100% organic municipal wastes such as municipal solid waste and biowaste.
Also, organic waste or household waste fermentation.

CHP Biogas Plant
It is one of the above-mentioned plants where at least 60% of the generated heat is useful, for example for district heating.

Biomethane biogas plant
It is any of the above mentioned plants (not CHP) where the biogas is converted into biomethane and injected into the gas network

Export biogas plant
The biogas plant has been designed specifically for export.

Biogas plant containers
Biogas plant has the dimensions of a container.
Block diagrams of ARCHEA biogas plants

... with standing tank
Block diagram with standing tank

... with horizontal digester
Block diagram with horizontal tank

For a larger view, please click on the image.

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