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View of the Future Head Quarters


Holding and subsidiary companies

ARCHEA New Energy and its subsidiaries gives all of the services for biogas plants, including the design, manufacture, operation and service of the plants:


ARCHEA New Energy GmbH.

Participations of ARCHEA New Energy GmbH

ARCHEA  America Latina ltda (BRA)

Location research, consulting, site acquisition, financing and contracting models, sales, insurance concepts, engineering, construction, manufacturing and distribution of plant components


Biogas Adelheid GmbH
Biogas Strassburg KG;
Biogas Nordwohlde KG;
Biogas Schwecke KG;
Biogas Grüner KG;
Biogas Pomerode ltda.

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ARCHEA New Energy GmbH
Hoher Kamp 7
31840 Hessisch Oldendorf
Phone +49 (0) 5152 525322

Facts about Virtual Power Plant

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