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View of the Future Head Quarters


Managing Board

Oliver Nacke, Manager

Experience/ Education
  • Apprenticeship in the distribution and management of waste, with focus in waste water.
  • Civil Engineer, with focus in waste water and waste management.
  • Developed in 1996 the patented technology ThermDes® for biogas plants while working as research associate.
  • Builds and operates biogas plants since 1999.
  • Has more than 100 biogas plants as reference for their construction and operation.

Do you have questions about our activities?
Service-Hotline: +49 5152-528270
ARCHEA Unternehmensgruppe
Horstweg 24
31840 Hessisch Oldendorf
Telefon +49 5152 528270
Telefax +49 5152 5282729

Facts about Virtual Power Plant

A virtual power plant is a network of decentralized, medium-scale power generating units such as biomass plants, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units, wind farms and solar parks. read more ...