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View of the Future Head Quarters

History of the ARCHEA Group

In 1998 the ARCHEA Gesellschaft für umweltschonende Technologien mbH was founded. The first self-financed biogas plant with concrete horizontal digester was also constructed and commissioned in this year. The first steel horizontal digester was manufactured only two years after. This technology still distinguishes the plants of the ARCHEA Group from the rest. In the following years, 12 biogas plants were built in cooperation and licensing with BABCOCK BORSIG AG in Oberhausen. BABCOCK BORSIG AG went insolvent in 2012. ARCHEA had already prepared the engineering documents for 40 biogas plants at the time and had to search again for a capable partner in the construction of plants. In 2003 this partner was found, it was EISENMANN GmbH from Böblingen, who became the new licensee of ARCHEA. In the period between 2003 and 2007 more than 50 biogas plants were built under the slogan “ARCHEA Made by EISENMANN”.

The collaboration with EISENMANN came in 2007 to an end. Within this collaboration, contracts with a biogas fund were signed; these were cancelled. Staff had to be fired. Claims and counter-claims distinguish the situation back then. Today, the fond and the follow-up fond are both bankrupt. The ARCHEA Group has undertaken the 33 biogas plants belonging to the insolvent fond and is successfully out of this phase.

The international activities in Brazil, Cuba, Italy and Croatia have successfully started and will be gradually developed. Foreign subsidiary companies have been founded. Some other interesting countries are already under the focus of the ARCHEA Group. These subsidiary companies constitute a milestone in the ARCHEA company history.

And the next step will be the reconstruction of the old school camp for the children coming from East Germany (GDR) into the new ARCHEA competence centre for renewable energy. All of the activities of the ARCHEA Group will be concentrated here in order to be able to arrange future big assignments and challenges worldwide in an efficient and successful way.

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31840 Hessisch Oldendorf
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