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View of the Future Head Quarters

Welcome to ARCHEA New Energy

The business model covers the entire supply chain for biogas plants

I. Project Development
Processing of requests, active analysis of suitable sites and conducting feasibility studies and planning permission

II. Financing
Equity capital, bank financing or funds

III. Plant building
Construction of ARCHEA systems with self-and advanced, patent-pending ThermDes ® process, working together with you with our partners, turnkey projects

IV. Commissioning
Ensure the full and smooth functioning, with performance and maintenance inspections

V. Claims
Helping farmers through decentralized software-based monitoring systems. Technicians in the area <100 km are available, on request by the operators of the biogas plant

VI. Service
Results from R & D flows continuously in one of the follow-up support systems. This allows us to optimize the life-cycle management, which extends on average over 20 years. In addition, the expertise is in industrial engineering to ongoing development.

Do you have questions about our activities?
Service-Hotline: +49 5152-528270
ARCHEA Unternehmensgruppe
Horstweg 24
31840 Hessisch Oldendorf
Telefon +49 5152 528270
Telefax +49 5152 5282729

Facts about Virtual Power Plant

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