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1,4 MW Biogas Plant in Hessisch Oldendorf

Biogas is an all-rounder under the renewable energies and has the highest efficiency

Formation: Through anaerobic digestion of organic matter
  • Main components: CO2 and methane
  • Energy deliverer: Methane
  • Organic matter: energy crops, liquid manure, sludge, etc.

There are plenty of ways of using biogas…


  • Production of electricity by means of combined heat and power units (CHP)
  • Injection to the electrical grid
  • Electricity for the local supply
  • Direct utilisation in the residential building


  • Utilisation of the existing waste heat
  • Injection to the district heat
  • Utilization in the biogas production as process heat

Substitute of natural gas:

  • Biogas conditioning so it achieves natural gas quality
  • Injection to the natural gas grid
  • Utilization of conditioned biogas as fuel for natural gas dedicated vehicles

Functional Diagram

Block diagram with horizontal tank

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