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1,4 MW Biogas Plant in Hessisch Oldendorf

Research and Development

ARCHEA develops biogas plants projects from the first idea up to the long-term optimized operation of these plants.

ARCHEA has biogas pilot plant with a digester volume of 40 m³. Different experiments have been carried out in this pilot plant, like for example the addition of micronutrients, enzymes or the utilization of new substrates.

Currently we are carrying out experiments in the following fields:

New plant concepts for specific cases of application:
  • Liquid manure fermentation in Brazil
  • Grass fermentation in Germany
  • Organic and household waste fermentation

Cutback in the power requirements of the plant:
  • Optimization of the digester’s geometry
  • Utilization of power-saving stirrers

Utilization of sustainable biomass:
  • Biomass experimental fields: wild flowers, maize,…
  • Utilization of remains from the olive oil production.

Increase of the substrate efficiency:
  • Thermal digestion
  • Enzyme
  • Micronutrients

Gas utilization:
  • Experience in the operation of two gas turbines with 100 kW each.

Contact person for R&D:

Dipl.Ing. Oliver Nacke

Office Hessisch Oldendorf
Horstweg 14, 31840 Hess. Oldendorf

T +49 (0) 5152 5282721
F +49 (0) 5152 5282719

Do you have questions about our activities?
Service-Hotline: +49 5152-528270
ARCHEA Unternehmensgruppe
Horstweg 24
31840 Hessisch Oldendorf
Telefon +49 5152 528270
Telefax +49 5152 5282729

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