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1,4 MW Biogas Plant in Hessisch Oldendorf

Own Operation of our Plants

Besides the construction of biogas plants for clients, we also operate our own biogas plants. We operate the plants with regional agricultural and industrial partners within the scope of our own societies.

We would be grateful to help you in these projects with the following tasks, among others:
  • Consulting for the location selection
  • Expert witness selection and assignment
  • Preliminary planning, engineering and licence planning.
  • Construction of the turn-key biogas plant
  • Design and assistance for the electric and network supply contracts.
  • Execution of necessary maintenance and reparation works.
  • Biological service
  • Commercial management

The plant will be operated in partnership between you and us during at least 20 years. You should provide the location and the substrates for the operation.

We would be grateful to calculate, together with you, the evaluation of economic efficiency taking into account the site-specific factors.


Biogas Pomerode / Brasilien
Biogas Adelheid GmbH
Biogas Schwecke UG & CO.KG
Biogas Grüner UG & CO.KG
Biogas Strassburg GmbH & CO.KG
Biogas Nordwohlde GmbH & CO.KG

Do you have questions about our activities?
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