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Outline of our Idea...

The objective of the project is the utilization of renewable energy resources for the energy supply in Cuba. The first planned step consists in transforming the existing plants for the production of renewable resources from biomass/biogas, wind, sun and water. Further steps include the estimation of the atual renewable energy potential in the island. 

Particularly important is the fact that the construction of biogas plants should not jeopardized the food supply nor influence the purchase of comestible goods. Rather it should be aimed to increase the food supply as rich fertilizers are produced during the fermentation process of energy crops and wastes. Additionally, the consumption of non-renewable energy (electricity, gas and fuel oil) should be estimated. A networking between the different renewable energies should be achieved; for example, when the wind turbines produce enough electricity, the gas produced in the biogas plants could be stored. 

The first measure is to build and operate a new plant according to the necessities; this should be followed by others. This first plant would be a small plant and one of the main objetives is to present it to the population and get their acceptance. The construction of small decentralized biogas plants has the advantage that the electricity distribution needs are reduced as it can be used in the surroundings. This way we reduce the large electricity lines with theis high losses and costs!

With the "green" electricity coming from the renewable energy plants it should be possible to achieve a 100% cover of the energy needs of Cuba. This way, Cuba will become the first "regenerative" country and island in the world. It would represent a great example of sustainability for the whole world.

Focus on Biogas Plants:
After the first conversation with representatives of the government within the official visit of the Agriculture Minister of Lower Saxony, Mr. Lindemann, in March 2012, it was stated that there was a great interest in the operation of biogas plants and that the available biomass potential was enormous. Taking into account previous experiments, it is possible to say that it would be possible to build biogas plants with a total output of at least 500 MW.

The sun energy should also be considered on the long term on this regenerative island concept. Photovolatics are experiencing right now a huge price drop. New huge manufacturing plants have been built recently for the manufacturing of photovoltaics. As soon as the utilization of these units is profitable it should be integrated in the concept. 

The Initiators:
The concept is based in the initiative of the ARCHEA Group from Hessisch Oldendorf and the collaboration with the Biogas Group from the University in Sancti Spiritus (Cuba).

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