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Sunflower Field

Biogas Plant Ecoconseitos Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil

In 2011 family Edelar, the ARCHEA Group (Oliver Nacke) and the Ecoconceitos Group (Hans Prayong, Hans Dieter Beuthan, Thomas Winter and Gilmar Kneasel) started implementing environmental friendly measures in the Edelar’s farm.

The point of departure was the 30 m³ of pig liquid manure which are produced in the daily operation of the farm. This liquid manure represents a huge environmental problem in Brazil and was stored in open lagoons in Pomerode (see the image from google Erath), which made the manure end up in the groundwater or even in surface water, that is afterwards used for the conditioning of drinking water. 

Open lagoon for liquid slurry in Pomerode 2011

The first step was to build a composting facility. In it, the pig liquid manure is mixed with sawdust in order to achieve fertilizer. Through the evaporation in the hall, the mixture with sawdust and the composting, the fertilizer is stackable.

Composting facility for the production of fertilizer from pig liquid slurry and sawdust

After the construction and on year of successful operation, in 2012 the open lagoon was dismantled.

Dismantlement open lagoon for liquid slurry in 2012

Rafael Edelar, the son of the family, went for 3 months to Germany for an internship where he learnt about theory, plant construction, laboratory and operation and maintenance. In order to obtain the licence (building permit), the managing company was founded and the necessary capital was deposited. The shareholders of the biogas plant are Ecoconseitos S.A. Familie Prayon as well as the newly founded Biogaspark do Brasil ltd. The plant construction began in 2013, after a year occupied with the building permit documents and the local purchase and fabrication of all the components of the biogas plant. The construction supervision was leaded personally by the partner and director of ARCHEA and the Biogaspark Group, Oliver Nacke, and by Ercio Kriek, director from the company in Pomerode. The assembly was carried out completely by Brazilian workers, who were previously trained, under the guidance of Oliver Nacke. The construction of the biogas plant was completed in June 2014.

From the pig liquid manure and the vegetable waste, 100 m³ biogas per hour are produced, being these purified into natural gas quality by means of a pressure gas scrubber, which is stored in pressure tanks and sold to industrial clients.

The digestate is completely used in the composting facility to obtain fertilizer, which is then stored in sacks that are sold to the end customer. This way the methane emissions are avoided and no polluted water comes out of the site. The gas and fertilizer sale together with the management and the service of the plant have become the key points for the Group. This biogas plant represents the reference plant as well as the pilot plant for ARCHEA do Brasil. In it it’s possible to test new substrates and improvements in the components. Leading laboratories and institutions in Brazil attend and supervise the plant and its operation.

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